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This set of Information Cyber Security (ICS) Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Information Cyber Security Set 2

Q1 | DNS can use services of________using the well known port 53
Q2 | In the DNS the names are defined in _____ sturucture
Q3 | The root of DNS tree is____
Q4 | A full domain name is sequence of lables seperated by____
Q5 | When discussing IDS/IPS, what is a signature?
Q6 | Which is true of a signature-based IDS?
Q7 | A false positive can be defined as:
Q8 | The features of traditional IPSes are found in all of these modern systems, except:
Q9 | How does machine learning benefit IDSes/IPSes?
Q10 | A valid definition of digital evidence is:
Q11 | What are the three general categories of computer systems that can contain digital evidence?
Q12 | In terms of digital evidence, the Internet is an example of:
Q13 | Cybertrails are advantageous because:
Q14 | Personal computers and networks are often a valuable source of evidence. Those involved with _______ should be comfortable with this technology.
Q15 | Computers can play the following roles in a crime:
Q16 | The following specializations exist in digital investigations:
Q17 | The process of documenting the seizure of digital evidence and, in particular, when that evidence changes hands, is known as:
Q18 | When assessing the reliability of digital evidence, the investigator is concerned with whether the computer that generated the evidence was functioning normally, and:
Q19 | The fact that with modern technology, a photocopy of a document has become acceptable in place of the original is known as:
Q20 | An investigation can be hindered by the following:
Q21 | Forensic analysis involves the following:
Q22 | The first step in applying the scientific method to a digital investigation is to:
Q23 | The process model whose goal is to completely describe the flow of information in a digital investigation is known as:
Q24 | The crime scene preservation process includes all but which of the following:
Q25 | Investigative reconstruction is composed of three different forms. Which of the following is NOT one of those three forms?