Water And Wastewater Engineering Set 1

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This set of Water and Wastewater Engineering Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Water And Wastewater Engineering Set 1

Q1 | For a continuous flow type of sedimentation tanks
Q2 | The asbestos cement sewers are
Q3 | For efficient working of a sewer, it must be ensured that
Q4 | Bottom openings 15 cm × 15 cm in the standing baffle wall are provided
Q5 | For drainage pipes in buildings the test applied before putting them to use, is
Q6 | The pressure exerted by
Q7 | No treatment of the sewage is given if dilution factor is
Q8 | Which of the following pumps in used to pump sewage solids with liquid sewage withoutclogging the pump is?
Q9 | Acid regression stage of sludge digestion at a temperature 21°C extends over a period of
Q10 | The coagulant which is generally not used for treating the sewage, is
Q11 | The layers of vegetable wastes and night soil alternatively piled above the ground to form a mound, is called
Q12 | If the flame of a miner's safety lamp in the upper layers of the sewer forms an explosive, thesewer certainly contains
Q13 | The gas which may cause explosion in sewers, is
Q14 | Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
Q15 | The sewer pipes
Q16 | The settling velocity of the particles larger than 0.06 mm in a settling tank of depth 2.4 is 0.33 mper sec. The detention period recommended for the tank, is
Q17 | The Chezy's constant C in the formula V = C ???? depends upon
Q18 | To prevent settling down of sewage both at the bottom and on the sides of a large sewer,selfcleaning velocity recommended for Indian conditions, is
Q19 | Assertion (A): The determination of pH value of sewerage is important. Reason (R): The efficiency of certain treatment methods depends upon the availability of pH value.
Q20 | The normal values of over flow rates for sedimentation tanks using coagulant, ranges between
Q21 | During preliminary treatment of a sewage
Q22 | Dry weather flow is:
Q23 | If q is the average sewage flow from a city of population P, the maximum sewage flow
Q24 | If the flame of a miner's safety lamp in a manhole extinguishes within 5 minutes, the sewercertainly contains
Q25 | Hydraulic mean radius is