Structural Mechanics Set 6

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This set of Structural Mechanics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Structural Mechanics Set 6

Q1 | SI units of Bending moment is
Q2 | What is the other name for a positive bending moment?
Q3 | For any part of the beam, between two concentrated load Shear force diagramis a
Q4 | For any part of a beam subjected to uniformly distributed load, bending moment diagram is
Q5 | A sudden jump anywhere on the Bending moment diagram of a beam iscaused by
Q6 | The diagram shown below, depicts bending diagram for
Q7 | A 10 m long cantilever beam is fixed at point B. What is the bending moment at point B, if 5 m span of AC carries uniform distributed load of 10 kN/m
Q8 | What is the maximum shear force acting on the beam shown below.
Q9 | At a point in a simply supported or overhanging beam where Shear force changes sign and Bending moment is
Q10 | The beam having one end free and one end fixed is called as
Q11 | Uniformly varying load between two sections in shear force diagram isrepresented by
Q12 | In bending moment diagram, if no load acts between two sections, then it isrepresented by
Q13 | What is the maximum bending moment acting on simply supported beamshown below?
Q14 | A beam is said to be of uniform strength, if
Q15 | What is the product of sectional modulus and allowable bending stress called as?
Q16 | A uniformly distributed load of 20 kN/m acts on a simply supported beam of rectangular cross section of width 20 mm and depth 60 mm. What is the maximum bending stress acting on the beam of 5m?
Q17 | Neutral axis of a beam always coincides with
Q18 | Net force acting on the cross section of beam in bending is
Q19 | Net force acting on the cross section of beam in bending is
Q20 | Which is more stronger in bending equal area square or circular beam
Q21 | Why is a composite beam is converted into a beam of one material
Q22 | Bending equation is applicable to a beam of
Q23 | In a composite beam bending, strain at the common interface will be
Q24 | Brittle material beams need reinforcement on the
Q25 | In bending, neutral axis always is