Structural Mechanics Set 1

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This set of Structural Mechanics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Structural Mechanics Set 1

Q1 | What is elasticity?
Q2 | What is modular ratio?
Q3 | 3.5 m long bar is under tensile load and due to that increase in length of bar is 1.75 mm then strain =
Q4 | The increase in the length of a bar of length 1 m, area 300 mm2, modulus of elasticity 2×10^5 N/mm2 due to a tensile load of 120 KN is .
Q5 | Shear stress causes .
Q6 | which of the following has same unit?
Q7 | unit of stress is .
Q8 | In composite section deformation is same in both materials.
Q9 | which of the following is type of stress?
Q10 | Strain is defined as the ratio of
Q11 | Hooke's law holds good up to
Q12 | Young's modulus is defined as the ratio of
Q13 | The unit of Young's modulus is
Q14 | Deformation per unit length in the direction of force is known as
Q15 | It equal and opposite forces applied to a body tend to elongate it, the stressso produced is called
Q16 | The materials having same elastic properties in all directions are called
Q17 | Modulus of rigidity is defined as the ratio of
Q18 | If the radius of wire stretched by a load is doubled, then its Young's modulus will be
Q19 | The intensity of stress which causes unit strain is called
Q20 | Which of the following has no unit
Q21 | Euler's formula states that the buckling load P for a column of length l, both ends hinged and whose least moment of inertia and modulus of elasticity of the material of the column are I and E respectively, is given by the relation
Q22 | Rankine-Golden formula accounts for direct as well as buckling stress and is applicable to
Q23 | Maximum deflection of a cantilever due to pure bending moment M at its freeend, is
Q24 | The ratio of the effective length of a column and minimum radius of gyration ofits cross-sectional area, is known
Q25 | A long vertical member, subjected to an axial compressive load, is called