Structural Analysis Ii Set 2

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This set of Structural Analysis 2 Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Structural Analysis Ii Set 2

Q1 | Independent displacement components at each joint of a rigid-jointed plane frame are
Q2 | If there are m unknown member forces, r unknown reaction components and j number ofjoints, then the degree of static indeterminacy of a pin-jointed plane frame is given by
Q3 | The carryover factor in a prismatic member whose far end is fixed is
Q4 | Effects of shear force and axial force on plastic moment capacity of a structure are respectively to
Q5 | The maximum bending moment due to a train of wheel loads on a simply supported girder
Q6 | When a series of wheel loads crosses a simply supported girder, the maximum bending momentunder any given wheel load occurs when
Q7 | Castigliano's first theorem is applicable
Q8 | Number of unknown internal forces in each member of a rigid jointed plane frame is
Q9 | The number of independent equations to be satisfied for static equilibrium in a space structure is
Q10 | Degree of static indeterminacy of a rigid-jointed plane frame having 15 members, 3 reactioncomponents and 14 joints is
Q11 | The degree of static indeterminacy up to which column analogy method can be used is
Q12 | A single rolling load of 8 kN rolls along a girder of 15 m span. The absolute maximum bendingmoment will be
Q13 | The deformation of a spring produced by a unit load is called