Rcc Structures Design Set 9

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This set of RCC Structures Design Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Rcc Structures Design Set 9

Q1 | To have pressure wholly compressive under the base of a retaining wall of width b, the resultant of the weight of the wall and the pressure exerted by the retained, earth should have eccentricity not more than
Q2 | The diameter of longitudinal bars of a column should never be less than
Q3 | The number of treads in a flight is equal to
Q4 | The amount of reinforcement for main bars in a slab, is based upon
Q5 | The shear reinforcement in R.C.C. is provided to resist
Q6 | A simply supported beam 6 m long and of effective depth 50 cm, carries a uniformly distributed load 2400 kg/m including its self weight. If the lever arm factor is 0.85 and permissible tensile stress of steel is 1400 kg/cm2 , the area of steel required, is
Q7 | The anchorage value of a hook is assumed sixteen times the diameter of the bar if the angle of the bend, is
Q8 | A circular slab subjected to external loading, deflects to form a
Q9 | If a rectangular pre-stressed beam of an effective span of 5 meters and carrying a total load 3840 kg/m, is designed by the load balancing method, the central dip of the parabolic tendon should be
Q10 | The reinforced concrete beam which has width 25 cm, lever arm 40 cm, shear force 6t/cm2 , safe shear stress 5 kg/cm2 and B.M. 24 mt,
Q11 | If a bent tendon is required to balance a concentrated load W at the centre of the span L, the central dip h must be at least
Q12 | If the effective length of a 32 cm diameter R.C.C. column is 4.40 m, its slenderness ratio, is
Q13 | If W is total load per unit area on a panel, D is the diameter of the column head, L is the span in two directions, then the sum of the maximum positive bending moment and average of the negative bending moment for the design of the span of a square flat slab, should not be less than
Q14 | In a combined footing for two columns carrying unequal loads, the maximum hogging bending moment occurs at
Q15 | If the average bending stress is 6 kg/cm2 for M 150 grade concrete, the length of embedment of a bar of diameter d according to I.S. 456 specifications, is
Q16 | An R.C.C. roof slab is designed as a two way slab if
Q17 | The advantage of a concrete pile over a timber pile, is
Q18 | The maximum ratio of span to depth of a cantilever slab, is
Q19 | A pre-stressed concrete member
Q20 | A flat slab is supported