Rcc Structures Design Set 6

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This set of RCC Structures Design Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Rcc Structures Design Set 6

Q1 | The diameter of main bars in R.C.C. columns, shall not be less than
Q2 | If d is the diameter of a bar, ft is allowable tensile stress and fb, is allowable bondstress, the bond length is given by
Q3 | An intermediate T-beam reinforced with two layers of tensile steel with clear cover 13 cm encasted with the floor of a hall 12 metres by 7 metres, is spaced at 3 metres from adjoining beams and if the width of the beam is 20 cm, the breadth of the flange is
Q4 | The length of lap in tension reinforcement should not be less than the bar diameter × (actual tension / four times the permissible average bond stress) if it is more than
Q5 | As the percentage of steel increases
Q6 | The effective width of a column strip of a flat slab, is
Q7 | As per IS : 1343, total shrinkage for a pre-tensioned beam, is
Q8 | Dimensions of a beam need be changed if the shear stress is more than
Q9 | Based on punching shear consideration, the overall depth of a combined footing under a column A, is
Q10 | Pick up the correct statement from the following:
Q11 | In a combined footing if shear stress exceeds 5 kg/cm2 , the nominal stirrups provided are:
Q12 | The weight of reinforced concrete, is generally taken as
Q13 | If W is the load on a circular slab of radius R, the maximum circumferential momentat the centre of the slab, is
Q14 | If is weight of a retainingwall and is the horizontal earth pressure, the factor of safety against sliding, is
Q15 | The effective span of a simply supported slab, is
Q16 | In a beam the local bond stress Sb, is equal to
Q17 | A continuous beam shall be deemed to be a deep beam if the ratio of effective span to overall depth, is
Q18 | With usual notations the depth of the neutral axis of a balanced section, is given by
Q19 | Pick up the true statement from the following:
Q20 | If the maximum shear stress at the end of a simply supported R.C.C. beam of 16 m effective span is 10 kg/cm2 , the length of the beam having nominal reinforcement, is
Q21 | If the length of a wall on either side of a lintel opening is at least half of its effective span L, the load W carried by the lintel is equivalent to the weight of brickwork contained in an equilateral triangle, producing a maximum bending moment
Q22 | The section of a reinforced beam where most distant concrete fibre in compression and tension in steel attains permissible stresses simultaneously, is called
Q23 | The length of the lap in a compression member is kept greater than bar diameter x (Permissible stress in bar / Five times the bond stress) or
Q24 | The system in which high tensile alloy steel bars (silica manganese steel) are used as prestressing tendons, is known as
Q25 | An under-reinforced section means