Rcc Structures Design Set 3

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This set of RCC Structures Design Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Rcc Structures Design Set 3

Q1 | High strength concrete is used in pre-stressed member
Q2 | If is the load on a circular slab of radius , the maximum radial moment at the centre of the slab, is
Q3 | If A is the area of the foundation of a retaining wall carrying a load W and retaining earth of weight w per unit volume, the minimum depth (h) of the foundation from the free surface of the earth, is
Q4 | If the permissible compressive and tensile stresses in a singly reinforced beam are 50 kg/cm2 and 1400 kg/cm2 respectively and the modular ratio is 18, the percentage area At of the steel required for an economic section, is
Q5 | The modular ratio m of a concrete whose permissible compressive stress is C, maybe obtained from the equation.
Q6 | Enlarged head of a supporting column of a flat slab is technically known as
Q7 | Thickened part of a flat slab over its supporting column, is technically known as
Q8 | If is the sectional area of a pre-stressed rectangular beam provided with a tendon pre-stressed by a force through its centroidal longitudinal axis, the compressive stress in concrete, is
Q9 | Side face reinforcement shall be provided in the beam when depth of the web in abeam exceeds
Q10 | A pre-stressed rectangular beam which carries two concentrated loads W at L/3 from either end, is provided with a bent tendon with tension P such that central one-third portion of the tendon remains parallel to the longitudinal axis, the maximum dip his
Q11 | The minimum head room over a stair must be
Q12 | If q is the punching shear resistance per unit area a, is the side of a square footing for a column of side b, carrying a weight W including the weight of the footing, the depth(D) of the footing from punching shear consideration, is
Q13 | For initial estimate for a beam design, the width is assumed
Q14 | If the length of a combined footing for two columns l metres apart is L and the projection on the left side of the exterior column is x, then the projection y on the right side of the exterior column, in order to have a uniformly distributed load, is (where is the distance of centre of gravity of column loads).
Q15 | Total pressure on the vertical face of a retaining wall of height h acts parallel to free surface and from the base at a distance of
Q16 | If the tendon is placed at an eccentricity e below the centroidal axis of the longitudinal axis of a rectangular beam (sectional modulus Z and stressed load P in tendon) the stress at the extreme top edge
Q17 | The Young's modulus of elasticity of steel, is
Q18 | Design of a two way slab simply supported on edges and having no provision to prevent the corners from lifting, is made by
Q19 | Spacing of stirrups in a rectangular beam, is
Q20 | As per IS : 456, the reinforcement in a column should not be less than
Q21 | The allowable tensile stress in mild steel stirrups, reinforced cement concrete, is
Q22 | Bottom bars under the columns are extended into the interior of the footing slab to a distance greater than
Q23 | Pick up the assumption for the design of a pre-stressed concrete member from the following:
Q24 | The advantage of reinforced concrete, is due to
Q25 | An R.C.C. column is treated as short column if its slenderness ratio is less than