Railway Engineering Set 2

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This set of Railway Engineering Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Railway Engineering Set 2

Q1 | If the stock rails are B.H. rails, the type of switch generally provided, is
Q2 | The object of providing a point lock is
Q3 | Minimum composite sleeper index for wooden sleepers used in cross-overs, is
Q4 | The rails get out of their original positions due to insufficient expansion gap. This phenomenon isknown
Q5 | When semaphore and warner are installed on the same post, then the stop indication is givenwhen
Q6 | The standard dimensions of a wooden sleeper for M.G. railway track are
Q7 | To avoid the damage of nose of crossing, the wing rails are ramped so that nose of crossingremains at a lower level by
Q8 | Wear of rails is maximum in weight of
Q9 | Degree of a railway curve is defined as number of degrees subtended at the centre of a curve byan arc of
Q10 | For even distribution of load through ballast, load dispersal is assumed as
Q11 | For a sleeper density of (n + 5), the number of sleepers required for constructing a broad gaugerailway track of length 650 m is
Q12 | Mr. W. Simms, the consulting Engineer to the Government of India recommended the gauge forIndian railways
Q13 | The rail is designated by its
Q14 | Best ballast contains stones varying in size from
Q15 | A turn-in-curve is defined as
Q16 | Ordinary rails are made of
Q17 | In India the rails are manufactured by
Q18 | Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. Required tilt of 1 in 20 is provided
Q19 | If a 0.7% upgrade meets a 0.65% downgrade at a summit and the permissible rate of change ofgrade per chain length is 0.10%, the length of the vertical curve, is
Q20 | Main disadvantage of steel sleepers, is:
Q21 | For a Broad Gauge route with (M + 7) sleeper density, number of sleepers per rail length is
Q22 | Bearing plates are used to fix
Q23 | On a single line track, 10 goods trains loaded with iron ore run from A to B and empty wagonsreturn from B to A daily. Amount of creep of the rails will be
Q24 | The desirable rate of change of cant deficiency in case of Metre Gauge is