Railway Engineering Set 1

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This set of Railway Engineering Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Railway Engineering Set 1

Q1 | A triangle is used for
Q2 | Heel divergence is
Q3 | Stretcher bar is provided
Q4 | Cant deficiency occurs when a vehicle travels around a curve at
Q5 | The type of spike used for fixing chairs of bull headed rails to wooden sleepers is
Q6 | Flat mild steel bearing plates are used
Q7 | Composite sleeper index is the index of
Q8 | Staggered joints are generally provided
Q9 | Creep is the
Q10 | Due to battering action of wheels over the end of the rails, the rails get bent down and aredeflected at ends. These rails are called
Q11 | The main function of a fish plate is
Q12 | The purpose of providing fillet in a rail section is to
Q13 | Two important constituents in the composition of steel used for rail are
Q14 | Flange-way clearance is the distance
Q15 | Which of the following types of sleepers is preferred on joints?
Q16 | Total effective bearing area of both the bowls of a pot sleeper, is
Q17 | Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
Q18 | On Indian Railways, number of a crossing is defined as
Q19 | Pandrol clips cannot be used with
Q20 | For providing the required tilt of rails, adazing of wooden sleepers, is done for
Q21 | If n is length of a rail in metres, the number of sleepers per rail length generally varies from
Q22 | Normally maximum cant permissible in Meter Gauge is
Q23 | Type of switch rails generally adopted for modern track, is
Q24 | Lead of crossing is the distance from the
Q25 | The place where a railway line and a road cross each other at the same level, is known as