Irrigation Engineering Set 9

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This set of Irrigation Engineering Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Irrigation Engineering Set 9

Q1 | The bed of a canal is lowered in case of
Q2 | Inglis formula is used for estimating flood discharge for
Q3 | Lining of a canal
Q4 | Which of the following statements is wrong?
Q5 | The flooding is also termed as wild flooding.
Q6 | The tortuosity of a meandering river is always
Q7 | According to Khosla's theory, the undermining of the floor starts from the
Q8 | The irrigation water is said to be unsatisfactory, if it contains
Q9 | Which of the salt present in water is harmful for cultivation purposes?
Q10 | The width of dowel is, usually, kept from
Q11 | A device which ensures a constant discharge of water passing from one channel to another irrespective of water level in each within certain specified limits, is called
Q12 | The sodium carbonate lining consists of at lest
Q13 | The degree of sinuosity is the ratio between the
Q14 | The excapes must lead the surplus water to natural drainage.
Q15 | The kor depth for rice is 19 cm and kor period is 14 days. The outlet factor for the crop in hectares per cumec will be
Q16 | The repelling groyne is constructed in such a way that it is pointing towards
Q17 | The estimation of flood can be made
Q18 | The amount of water required to fill up the pore spaces in soil particles by replacing all air held in pore spaces, is known as
Q19 | The crops require maximum water during
Q20 | The efficiency is a measure of conservation of head by an outlet.
Q21 | The incoherent alluvium is a soil composed of loose granular graded material which can be scoured with the same ease with which it is deposited.
Q22 | When the difference in weir crest and downstream river bed is limited into 3 metres, the weir, generally used is
Q23 | A structure constructed in an irrigation canal for the purpose of wasting some of its water, is known as a
Q24 | The Inglis type fall makes use of
Q25 | A groyne is a structure constructed transverse to the river flow and extend from the bank into the river upto a certain limit.