Hydraulics And Fluid Mechanics Set 22

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This set of Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Hydraulics And Fluid Mechanics Set 22

Q1 | The pressure of a liquid measured with the help of a piezometer tube is
Q2 | The pressure of liquid at throat in a venturimeter is
Q3 | The ratio of velocity of fluid in an undisturbed stream to the velocity of sound wave is known as Mach number.
Q4 | In a footstep bearing, if the radius of the shaft is doubled, then the torque required to overcome the viscous resistance will be
Q5 | A flow through an expanding tube at increasing rate is called unsteady non-uniform flow.
Q6 | An open tank containing liquid is moving with an acceleration on an inclined plane. The inclination of the free surface of the liquid will be
Q7 | When the pipes are in series, the total head loss is equal to the sum of the head loss in each pipe.
Q8 | The ratio of specific weight of a liquid to the specific weight of pure water at a standard temperature is called
Q9 | In an external mouthpiece, the absolute pressure head at vena contracta is
Q10 | The unit of kinematic viscosity in S. I. units is
Q11 | Re-entrant or Borda's mouthpiece is an
Q12 | The power transmitted through the nozzle is maximum when the head lost due to friction in the pipe is
Q13 | The coefficient of venturiflume, generally lies between
Q14 | An opening in the side of a tank or vessel such that the liquid surface with the tank is below the top edge of the opening, is called.
Q15 | In a venturimeter, the velocity of liquid at throat is
Q16 | When a body is placed over a liquid, it will float if
Q17 | The hydraulic gradient line may be above or below the centre line of the pipe.
Q18 | The property of a liquid which enables into resist tensile stress is called its surface tension.
Q19 | In a sharp-crested weir, the thickness of the weir is kept less than half of the height of water above the crest of the weir.
Q20 | The viscosity of a liquid
Q21 | A water tank contains 1.3 m deep water. The pressure exerted by the water per metre length of the tank is
Q22 | A flow is called sonic, if the Mach number is unity.
Q23 | An internal mouthpiece is said to be running free if the length of the mouthpiece is
Q24 | The hydraulic mean depth or the hydraulic radius is the ratio of
Q25 | When a plate is immersed in a liquid parallel to the flow, it will be subjected to a pressure