Hydraulics And Fluid Mechanics Set 21

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This set of Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Hydraulics And Fluid Mechanics Set 21

Q1 | Barometer is used to measure
Q2 | An ideal fluid is frictionless and incompressible.
Q3 | The vacuum pressure is always the negattive gauge pressure.
Q4 | The Cippoletti weir is a
Q5 | The density of a liquid in kg / m3 is numerically equal to its specific gravity.
Q6 | The specific gravity of water is taken as
Q7 | The frictional resistance of a pipe varies approximately with
Q8 | The intensity of pressure at any point, in a liquid, is
Q9 | A fluid which obeys the Newton's law of viscosity is termed as
Q10 | A flow in which the quantity of liquid flowing per second is constant, is called
Q11 | The atmospheric pressure at sea level is
Q12 | Viscous force is the
Q13 | For a perfect incompressible liquid, flowing in a continuous stream, the total energy of a particle remains the same, while the particle moves from one point to another. This statement is called
Q14 | The pressure of fluid due to hammer blow is
Q15 | Surface tension force is the product of surface tension per unit length and cross-sectional area of flow.
Q16 | The mercuty does not wet the glass. This is due to the property of the liquid known as
Q17 | In a convergent mouthpiece, the absolute pressure head at vena contracta is the same as the of the atmosphere.
Q18 | The value of coefficient of velocity for a sharp edged orifice
Q19 | The specific weight is also known as weight density.
Q20 | In a footstep bearing, if the speed of the shaft is doubled, then the torque required to over-come the viscous resistance will be
Q21 | To product of mass and accelaration of flowing liquid is called
Q22 | The maximum efficiency of transmission through a pipe is
Q23 | Euler's number is the ratio of
Q24 | To to of the weir over which the water flows in known as
Q25 | A weir is usually made of masonry or concrete.