Hydraulics And Fluid Mechanics Set 11

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This set of Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Hydraulics And Fluid Mechanics Set 11

Q1 | The power transmitted through the pipe is maximum when the head lost due to friction is equal to
Q2 | Falling drops of water become spheres due to the property of
Q3 | The difference of pressure between the inside and outside of a liquid drop is
Q4 | A venturi -flume is used to measure
Q5 | Working principle of dead weight pressure gauge tester is based on
Q6 | The meatcentric height of a ship is 0.6 m and the radius of gyration is 4 m. The time of rolling of aship is
Q7 | The discharge through a channel of rectangular section will be maximum, if
Q8 | The discharge through a channel of circular section will be maximum when the depth of water is __________ the diameter of the circular channel.
Q9 | Uniform flow occurs when
Q10 | Bulk modulus of a fluid is the ratio of
Q11 | An average value of coefficient of velocity is
Q12 | A liquid would wet the solid, if adhesion forces as compared to cohesion forces are
Q13 | When a cylindrical vessel containing liquid is revolved about its vertical axis at a constant angularvelocity, the pressure
Q14 | Which of the following is the unit of kinematic viscosity?
Q15 | Reynold's number is the ratio of the inertia force to the
Q16 | A piece weighing 3 kg in air was found to weigh 2.5 kg when submerged in water. Its specific gravity is
Q17 | A differential manometer is used to measure
Q18 | In a venturi-flume, the flow takes place at
Q19 | The normal stress is same in all directions at a point in a fluid
Q20 | The highest efficiency is obtained with a channel of __________ section.
Q21 | A vertical wall is subjected to a pressure due to one kind of liquid, on one of its sides. The total pressure on the wall per unit length is (where w = Specific weight of liquid, and H = Height of liquid)
Q22 | Which of the following manometer has highest sensitivity?
Q23 | The velocity corresponding to Reynold number of 2800, is called
Q24 | For a floating body to be in equilibrium
Q25 | When an internal mouthpiece is running free, the discharge through the mouthpiece is (where a = Area of mouthpiece, and H = Height of liquid above the mouthpiece)