Geotechnical Engineering Set 7

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This set of Geotechnical Engineering Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Geotechnical Engineering Set 7

Q1 | The internal molecular attraction of a soil, the cohesion
Q2 | Which of the following is a measure of particle size range?
Q3 | If Nf, Nd and H are total number flow channels, total number of potential drops and total hydraulic head differences respectively, the discharge q through the complete flow is given by (where K is a constant)
Q4 | A failure wedge develops if a retaining wall
Q5 | The admixture of coarser particles like sand or silt to clay causes
Q6 | A partially saturated sample of soil has a unit weight of 2.0 g/cm3 and specific gravity of soil particles is 2.6. If the moisture content in the soil is 20%, the degree of saturation is
Q7 | The shearing strength of a cohesion-less soil depends upon
Q8 | Sand particles are made of
Q9 | The water content of soil is defined as the ratio of
Q10 | A critical hydraulic gradient may occur when
Q11 | Which of the following methods is best suited for determination of permeability of coarsegrained soils?
Q12 | Back fill with a sloping surface exerts a total active pressure Pa on the wall of height H and acts at
Q13 | The slope of isochrone at any point at a given time indicates the rate of change of
Q14 | The ratio of the volume of water present in a given soil mass to the total volume of itsvoids, is known
Q15 | A soil has bulk density 2.30 g/cm3 and water content 15 per cent, the dry density of the sample, is
Q16 | The total active earth pressure due to dry back fill with no surcharge, acts at H/3 above the base of the wall and is directly proportional to
Q17 | Coefficient of consolidation for clays normally
Q18 | The maximum dry density upto which any soil can be compacted depends upon
Q19 | For determine the specific gravity of soil solids, using a pycnometer of 500 cc., the following data is available : Weight of dry empty pycnometer = 125 g Weight of dried soil and pycnometer = 500 g Weight of dried soil and distilled = 850 g water filled in pycnometer up to top The specific gravity of soil solids, is
Q20 | If there is no impervious boundary at the bottom of a hydraulic structure, stream lines tendto follow:
Q21 | If a cohesive soil specimen is subjected to a vertical compressive load, the inclination of thecracks to the horizontal is
Q22 | The Westergaard analysis is used for
Q23 | Cohesive soils are generally
Q24 | The ratio of the volume of voids to the total volume of the given soil mass, is known
Q25 | The total weight of a pycnometer with water and oven dried soil 20 ( g) is 1600 g. The pycnometer filled with water alone weighs 1500 g. The specific gravity of the soil, is