Design Of Steel Structures Set 9

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This set of Design of Steel Structures Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Design Of Steel Structures Set 9

Q1 | If the thickness of plate to be connected by a rivet is 16 mm, then suitable size of rivet as perUnwin's formula will be
Q2 | A major beam in a building structure, is known as
Q3 | Angle of inclination of the lacing bar with the longitudinal axis of the column should preferably bebetween
Q4 | In case of cantilever fillers, the ratio of the span L to depth d, should not exceed
Q5 | The internal pressure coefficient on walls for buildings with large permeability is taken as
Q6 | The gross diameter of a rivet is the diameter of
Q7 | The centrifugal force due to curvature of track is assumed to act on the bridge at a height of
Q8 | The tensile strength of mild steel for bolts and nuts should not be less than
Q9 | Efficiency of a riveted joint, having the minimum pitch as per IS : 800, is
Q10 | In double lacing, the thickness t of flat lacing is
Q11 | According to IS Specifications, the effective length of a column effectively held in position at bothends and restrained in direction at one end is taken as
Q12 | If M is the moment due to a couple in a bearing plate whose width is b and allowable bendingstress is P, the thickness (t) of the bending plate of the column splice, is
Q13 | The web crippling due to excessive bearing stress can be avoided by
Q14 | Allowable working stress corresponding to the slenderness ratio of double angles placed back toback and connected to one side of a gusset plate, is reduced to
Q15 | The number of seismic zones in which the country has been divided is
Q16 | Load factor is
Q17 | When a tension member is made of four angles with a plate as a web, the allowance for holes ismade as
Q18 | The effective length of a battened column is increased by
Q19 | To keep the intensity of bearing pressure between the column base and concrete compressive andto vary from zero to 2P/BL, the ratio of the moment M to the axial load P should be
Q20 | The spans are considered approximately equal if the longest span does not exceed the shortestspan by more than
Q21 | The mechanism method and the statical method give
Q22 | When two plates are placed end to end and are joined by two cover plates, the joint is known as
Q23 | The strength of a riveted lap joint is equal to its
Q24 | Number of rivets required in a joint, is
Q25 | If the loaded length of span in meters of a railway steel bridge carrying a single track is 6 m, thenimpact factor is taken as