Design Of Steel Structures Set 7

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This set of Design of Steel Structures Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Design Of Steel Structures Set 7

Q1 | The minimum thickness of a steel plate, which is directly exposed to weather and is not accessiblefor cleaning and repainting, should be:
Q2 | For determination of allowable stress in axial compression, Indian Standard Institution hasadopted
Q3 | Rolled steel beams are:
Q4 | According to IS : 800 - 71, the minimum thickness of a vertically stiffened web plate, shall not beless than
Q5 | A web plate is called unstiffened if the ratio of clear depth to thickness is less than
Q6 | A butt weld is specified by
Q7 | The most economical section for a column, is
Q8 | In rolled steel beams, shear force is mostly resisted by
Q9 | If the 20 mm rivets are used in lacing bars, then the minimum width of lacing bar should be
Q10 | The minimum edge distance of a rivet line connecting two or more plates, is kept equal to 37 mmplus (where t is the thickness in mm of the thinner outside plate).
Q11 | For simply supported beams, the maximum permitted deflection, is
Q12 | The rolled steel I-sections are most commonly used as beams because these provide
Q13 | As per IS : 875, for the purposes of specifying basic wind velocity, the country has been dividedinto
Q14 | Net sectional area of a tension member, is equal to its gross section area
Q15 | For a single section used as a tension member, the given area is assumed
Q16 | The effective length of a weld, is taken as the actual length
Q17 | The greatest gauge of long rivets should not exceed (where d is the diameter of the holes).
Q18 | The shape factor of an isosceles triangle for bending about the axis parallel to the base is:
Q19 | Rolled steel Tee-sections are used
Q20 | Which of the following types of riveted joint is free from bending stresses?
Q21 | The beams supporting the steps of a stair are generally known as
Q22 | Poisson's ratio for steel within elastic limit, ranges from
Q23 | The minimum width B of a solid casing for a cased beam, is equal to
Q24 | Horizontal stiffener in a plate girder is provided to safeguard against
Q25 | If W and L are the total superimposed load and the span of a plate girder in metres, theapproximate self weight (W) of the girder, is taken as