Design Of Steel Structures Set 16

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This set of Design of Steel Structures Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Design Of Steel Structures Set 16

Q1 | For determination of allowable stress in axial compression, Indian Standard Institution has adopted
Q2 | When the axis of load lies in the plane of rivet group, then the most heavily loaded rivet will be the one which moment in any rivet.)
Q3 | The minimum edge distance of a rivet line connecting two or more plates, is kept equal to 37 mm plus (where t is the thickness in mm of the thinner outside plate).
Q4 | Minimum spacing of vertical stiffeners is limited to (Where d is the distance between flange angles)
Q5 | The rolled steel I-sections are most commonly used as beams because these provide
Q6 | If P is the wind pressure in kg/cm2 , v is the velocity in km/hour and K is a constant of proportionality, then
Q7 | As per IS : 875, for the purposes of specifying basic wind velocity, the countryhas been divided into
Q8 | Study the following statements.(i) Top lateral bracing prevents the sides-way buckling of the chord.(ii) Sway bracing keeps the rectangular shape of the bridge cross-section.(iii) Sway bracing transfers the load from top of end posts to bearings.The correct answer is
Q9 | The greatest gauge of long rivets should not exceed (where d is the diameter of theholes).
Q10 | The shape factor of an isosceles triangle for bending about the axis parallel to thebase is:
Q11 | Water pressure in a 80 cm water main is 10 kg/cm2. The minimum thickness of themetal required for the water main, not to be stressed more than 200 kg/cm2, is
Q12 | The beams supporting the steps of a stair are generally known as Headers
Q13 | With usual notations of the letters, the shear stress fs at any point of the crosssection is given by
Q14 | If W and L are the total superimposed load and the span of a plate girder in metres, the approximate self weight (W) of the girder, is taken as
Q15 | Maximum permissible slenderness ratio of a member normally acting as a tie in aroof truss, is
Q16 | The capacity of the smallest pressed steel tank is 1000 litre
Q17 | When the depth of a plate girder is at least times the depth of vertical leg of the flange angles, the girder is known as deep plate girder, if is
Q18 | If the pitch is 6 cm and rivet value is 4 tonnes, the number of rivets required for a riveted connection carrying an eccentric load of 15 tonnes at a distance of 30 cm from the centre line, is
Q19 | The difference between gross diameter and nominal diameter for the rivets up to 25mm diameter is
Q20 | Pick up the correct statement from the following:
Q21 | The greatest permissible clear dimension of the web of thickness t in the panel of a plate girder, is restricted to
Q22 | The maximum slenderness ratio of a compression member carrying both dead and superimposed load is
Q23 | Effective length of a column effectively held in position at both ends and restrained in direction at one end, is
Q24 | As per IS : 800, for compression flange, the outstand of flange plates should notexceed
Q25 | If the unsupported length of a stanchion is 4 metres and least radius of gyration of its cross-section is 5, the slenderness ratio of the stanchion, is