Design Of Steel Structures Set 1

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This set of Design of Steel Structures Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Design Of Steel Structures Set 1

Q1 | Select the correct statement
Q2 | The forces acting on the web splice of a plate girder are
Q3 | Generally the purlins are placed at the panel points so as to avoid
Q4 | Which of the following sections should preferably be used at places where torsion occurs?
Q5 | Other conditions being same, the load factor in indeterminate structures is
Q6 | Rivets connecting flange angles to cover plates in a plate girder are subjected to
Q7 | The effective length of a fillet weld should not be less than
Q8 | In a gusseted base, when the end of the column is machined for complete bearing on the baseplate, then the axial load is assumed to be transferred to base plate
Q9 | If the floor is supported at or near the bottom but top chords of a bridge is not braced, then thebridge is called
Q10 | The elastic strain for steel is about
Q11 | In the virtual work method, the virtual quantity is
Q12 | In moment resistant connections, the moment resistance of riveted connection depends upon
Q13 | The portal bracing in a truss bridge is used to
Q14 | The maximum permissible span of asbestos cement sheets is
Q15 | Lacing bars in a steel column should be designed to resist
Q16 | The moment of the couple set up in a section of a beam by the longitudinal compressive andtensile force, is known as
Q17 | The thickness of the web of a mild steel plate girder is less than d/200. If only one horizontalstiffener is used, it is placed at
Q18 | Shear buckling of web in a plate girder is prevented by using
Q19 | The most commonly used sections in lateral system to carry shear force in built up columns, are
Q20 | The stress in the wall of a thin cylinder subjected to internal pressure, is
Q21 | The risk coefficient k, depends on
Q22 | For eccentrically loaded columns, the bending factor is
Q23 | The net area of round bars to resist the tension, is the area of cross section at
Q24 | The bracing between two columns of a steel tank will be designed to resist
Q25 | A column splice is used to increase