Concrete Technology And Design Set 6

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This set of Concrete Technology and Design Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Concrete Technology And Design Set 6

Q1 | Which of the following losses of pre-stress occurs only in pre-tensioning and not in posttensioning?
Q2 | The type of aggregates of same nominal size, which contain less voids when compacted, are
Q3 | Pre-stress loss due to friction occurs
Q4 | Pick up the correct statement from the following:
Q5 | In the method of voids for determination of the quantity of cement paste, it is assumed that
Q6 | As compared to ordinary Portland cement, use of pozzolana cement
Q7 | The following proportion of the ingredients of concrete mix, is not in conformation to arbitrarymethod of proportioning
Q8 | The strength and quality of concrete, depend upon:
Q9 | The factor of safety for
Q10 | The preliminary test is repeated if the difference of compressive strength of three test specimens,exceeds
Q11 | Setting time of cement increases by adding
Q12 | According to IS: 4561978, the maximum reinforcement in a column is
Q13 | According to the recommendations of IS : 456-1978, the expansion joints
Q14 | The impurity of mixing water which affects the setting time and strength of concrete, is
Q15 | If the size of panel in a flat slab is 6 m × 6 m, then as per Indian Standard Code, the widths ofcolumn strip and middle strip are
Q16 | Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
Q17 | The concrete mix which causes difficulty in obtaining a smooth finish, possess
Q18 | While designing the pile as a column, the end conditions are nearly
Q19 | The internal dimensions of a ware house are 15 m × 5.6 m, and the maximum height of piles is2.70 m, the maximum number of bags to be stored in two piles, are
Q20 | Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. While performing preliminary test on concrete
Q21 | In a spherical dome the hoop stress due to a concentrated load at crown is
Q22 | I.S. Sieve Nos. 10 mm and 4.75 mm are generally used for grading of
Q23 | Log Angles machine is used to test the aggregate for
Q24 | The property of the ingredients to separate from each other while placing the concrete is called
Q25 | Pick up the correct statement from the following: