Concrete Technology And Design Set 5

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This set of Concrete Technology and Design Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Concrete Technology And Design Set 5

Q1 | The maximum amount of dust which may be permitted in aggregates is
Q2 | Bulking of sand is
Q3 | For a longitudinal reinforcing bar in a column, the minimum cover shall neither be less than thediameter of bar nor less than
Q4 | Workability of concrete is measured by
Q5 | The size of fine aggregates does not exceed
Q6 | The main reason for providing number of reinforcing bars at a support in a simply supported beamis to resist in that zone
Q7 | The entrained air in concrete
Q8 | According to IS: 4561978, the flexural strength of concrete is
Q9 | Slump test is done for
Q10 | Di-calcium silicate (C2S)
Q11 | The limits of percentage p of the longitudinal reinforcement in a column is given by
Q12 | The risk of segregation is more for
Q13 | Le-Chatelier's apparatus is used for testing
Q14 | Construction joints are generally provided in concrete
Q15 | If a grading curve is horizontal between the portions of 20 mm I.S. Sieve and 4.75 mm I.S. Sieve,the graded aggregates do not contain
Q16 | Most common method of pre-stressing used for factory production is
Q17 | C.R.R.I. charts are used to obtain a relationship between strength of concrete and
Q18 | For the design of retaining walls, the minimum factor of safety against overturning is taken as
Q19 | If the depth of moist sand in a cylinder is 15 cm and the depth of the sand when fully inundatedwith water is 12 cm, the bulking of the moist sand, is
Q20 | If aggregates completely pass through a sieve of size 75 mm and are retained on a sieve of size 60mm, the particular aggregate will be flaky if its minimum dimension is less than
Q21 | If the foundations of all the columns of a structure are designed on the total live and dead loadbasis, then
Q22 | Saw dust can be rendered chemically inert by boiling it in water containing
Q23 | A concrete having a slump of 6.5 cm, is said to be
Q24 | To obtain a very high strength concrete, use very fine grained
Q25 | Vicat apparatus is used for