Concrete Technology And Design Set 4

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This set of Concrete Technology and Design Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Concrete Technology And Design Set 4

Q1 | If the effective plan area of a warehouse is 54 sq. m, and maximum height of piles permitted is 270cm, the number of cement bags to be stored, is
Q2 | The property of fresh concrete, in which the water in the mix tends to rise to the surface whileplacing and compacting, is called
Q3 | Workability of concrete for a given water content is good if the aggregates, are
Q4 | For preparing ordinary concrete, the quantity of water used, is
Q5 | Finer grinding of cement
Q6 | The light weight aggregates are obtained from
Q7 | The aggregate impact value of the aggregate used in
Q8 | For walls, columns and vertical faces of all structural members, the form work is generallyremoved after
Q9 | Efflorescence in cement is caused due to an excess of
Q10 | For given workability the grading requiring the least amount of water is one that gives
Q11 | Minimum pitch of transverse reinforcement in a column is
Q12 | Pick up the incorrect statement applicable to the field test of good cement.
Q13 | An aggregate is known as cyclopean aggregate if its size is more than
Q14 | Workability of concrete mix with low water cement ratio is determined by
Q15 | The effect of creep on modular ratio is
Q16 | The type of aggregates not suitable for high strength concrete and for pavements subjected totension, is
Q17 | The maximum percentage of chemical ingredient of cement is that of
Q18 | The commercial name of white and coloured cement in India, is
Q19 | An excess of flaky particles in concrete aggregates
Q20 | Increase in the moisture content in concrete
Q21 | The 28 days cube strength of mass concrete using aggregates of maximum size 5 cm for gravitydams should be
Q22 | Select the incorrect statement
Q23 | Permissible compressive strength of M 150 concrete grade is
Q24 | Cement used for normal concrete construction, is obtained by burning a mixture of
Q25 | As compared to ordinary Portland cement, high alumina cement has