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This set of Mutual Fund Management Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Mutual Fund Management Set 5

Q1 | Investments are accounted for on _______ date.
Q2 | Initial issue expenses cannot exceed _______% of amount mobilised.
Q3 | Initial issue expenses of open-ended funds is amortised over a period not exceeding years_______%
Q4 | Mutual funds cannot pay dividend out of _______.
Q5 | An asset is non-performing if interest and/or principal are due for over ________ months.
Q6 | An equity shares is considered non-traded if it is not traded for over _______ days.
Q7 | Valuation of debt instrument with less than 182 days to maturity is done on _______ basis.
Q8 | Illiquid securities should not exceed _________% of the net assets.
Q9 | For an index fund, Ex-Marks will be ________%.
Q10 | If fund is assuming higher risk than the market index, its beta will be ________.
Q11 | Graham’s strategy recommends ________% holding in debt funds and 50% holding in equity funds.
Q12 | Expenses ratio is very important for _____.
Q13 | According to Bogle an investor’s exposure to debt investment should be equal to his ___.
Q14 | Higher expenses ratios lead to _______.
Q15 | Closed ended funds were usually trading at _________ to NAV
Q16 | If a single unit holder holds more than _________ of net assets , the number ofSuch unit holders and their percentage holding in the net assets have to be disclosed.
Q17 | If opening units 10,000 Units subscribe 3000, Units redeem 1000 then Closing units?
Q18 | If opening units 25,000 ,Units subscribe 7000, Units redeem 2000 then Closing units?
Q19 | If opening units 1,25,000 Units subscribe 2,00,000, Units redeem 50,000 then Closing units?
Q20 | NAV stands for
Q21 | High yield bonds have ______ potentials.
Q22 | Treasury bonds funds with short maturities have ______ default risk.
Q23 | Portfolio turnover is ______ for liquid funds.
Q24 | The benchmark for a balanced fund is Equity index and _______ combined in the sameProportion.
Q25 | The AMC received no fees on funds are called as _______