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This set of Mutual Fund Management Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Mutual Fund Management Set 4

Q1 | The difference between an international and a global fund is
Q2 | Which of the following is not true of global and international bond funds?
Q3 | High yield (junk-bond funds focus on relatively risky bonds issued by firms that are subject to
Q4 | International bond funds
Q5 | _______ mutual funds invest in both foreign bonds and U.S. bonds.
Q6 | Technology funds focus on technology-based firms. Which of the following statements regarding thosefirms is not true?
Q7 | Existing shares of closed-ended mutual fund companies are purchased
Q8 | In calculation the net assets value (NAV) which of the following is true?
Q9 | To calculate the NAV, the market value of the portfolio liabilities is the dividend by the ______ to arriveat a per-share basis.
Q10 | An open-ended mutual fund may do all of the following except
Q11 | The amount by which a close-ended fund's share price in the secondary market is above the fund's NAVis called the
Q12 | ______ is a tax that is imposed by the government on companies based on dividend paid to a company'sinvestors.
Q13 | All dividends in Equity & Equity Oriented Funds will be taxed at _____ from 2018.
Q14 | Sponsor must hold at least _______% of the AMCs networth.
Q15 | AMCs net worth has to be at least __________
Q16 | At least _____ % of the AMC directors Should be independent .
Q17 | The AMC and the Trustees enter into an _____ Agreement.
Q18 | If ______ of unit holders approve , The service of the AMC can be terminated.
Q19 | Scheme take over do not result in merger of ______.
Q20 | Any grievance against the AMC can be addressed to _______
Q21 | The UTI is governed by _________.
Q22 | Listed mutual funds have to abide by __________ of the stock exchanges.
Q23 | The offer document of an open ended fund is valid for ______ years.
Q24 | If equity markets move up, P/E tatio will move ________.
Q25 | If equity markets move down, dividend yield will move ________.