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This set of Mutual Fund Management Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Mutual Fund Management Set 3

Q1 | Open ended funds can be purchased and sold ………………….
Q2 | ……………………. is a facility where investor will invest a fixed amount in a mutual fund scheme atregular intervals.
Q3 | …………….. allows an investor to withdraw a fixed amount of money periodically.
Q4 | In …………….. STP investor transfers the profit from one fund and invests in the other.
Q5 | ……………. is a facility provided by banks to investors in new fund offers (NFOs) of mutual funds.
Q6 | A ……………… ended scheme shall be wound upon the expiry of duration fixed in the scheme on theredemption of units.
Q7 | A mutual fund has a beginning balance of 100 million earns interest of 10 million, receives dividends of15 million, and has expenses of 5 million. If 10 million shares are outstanding, what is the NAV?
Q8 | You invested 1,000 in a mutual fund with a 4% load when NAV was 20 per share. If you sell your sharesat a NAV of 20 per share, what is the return of your investment?
Q9 | If a mutual fund NAV Is 50 and its expense ratio is 2% what are the total expenses per share?
Q10 | How much money would you need to purchase 400 shares of a mutual fund with a NAV of$55 per share and a 3% load?
Q11 | Investors in high tax brackets will normally achieve higher performance by selecting a mutualfund that generates
Q12 | What would be the tax consequence of owning a mutual fund that made distributions of 600resulting from short-term capital gains and $800 resulting from long-term capital gain rate?
Q13 | If a scheme has 45Cr units issued and has an FV of Rs. 10 and NAV is at 11.33, unitcapital(Rs.Cr) would be equal to
Q14 | A scheme has average weekly net assets of Rs. 324 Cr and has annual expenses of Rs 3.24Cr, it'sexpenses ratio is
Q15 | For a scheme to be defined as an equal fund, it must have a minimum
Q16 | Which of the following characteristics is not true of close-ended funds?
Q17 | Regarding load and no-load mutual funds,
Q18 | On average, actively managed mutual funds have an expenses ratio of about
Q19 | The component of the expense ratio that includes a fee charged by some mutual funds to pay brokers is
Q20 | which of the following is a stock mutual fund?
Q21 | Which of the following stock mutual fund focus on medium-sized companies that are more establishedthan small-cap firms, but may have less growth potential?
Q22 | Which of the following is not a reason why Index funds typically incur lower expenses than othermutual funds?
Q23 | ______ funds are mutual funds that attempt to mirror the movements of the existing board marketindicators.
Q24 | Index funds incur _______ expenses and are ______ managed compared to other funds.
Q25 | Index funds offer tax advantages because they ______ In much trading and, therefore, _______ capitalgains.