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This set of Mutual Fund Management Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Mutual Fund Management Set 1

Q1 | The First player of the Mutual fund industry was______________.
Q2 | . UTI mutual fund was set up in the Year _______________.
Q3 | _______________ Mutual fund company was set up as a joint venture between RBI and Government ofIndia
Q4 | Who establishes the Mutual Fund in India?
Q5 | In India, AMC must be registered with____________.
Q6 | ___________ is a type of investment vehicle consisting of a portfolio of stocks, bonds, orother securities.
Q7 | The value of one unit of investment in Mutual fund is called the _______________.
Q8 | ________________ regulates the Mutual fund industry in India.
Q9 | What is the full form of NAV?
Q10 | _______________ schemes not exposed to sudden and large movements of funds.
Q11 | The feature of a mutual fund, where it spreads the investment in varied stocks and sectors by pooling thefunds of various investors, is called as ______________.
Q12 | Dividend income received from mutual in the hands of unit holders
Q13 | Which of the following is not a limitation of mutual funds?
Q14 | The Mutual fund industry follows which of the following regulation?
Q15 | Presently there are __________ AMC in India
Q16 | A _________________ is a trust that pools the savings of a number of investors who share commonfinancial goals.
Q17 | What are the reasons for economies of scale to the benefit of Mutual funds?
Q18 | _____________ are also known as the protectors of the fund and are employed by the fund sponsor.
Q19 | A minimum start-up capital of about ______________is required for open-ended schemes
Q20 | A minimum start-up capital of about ______________is required for close-ended schemes
Q21 | The funds in which units can be purchased only during the initial offer period are called
Q22 | ______________ are considered high-risk funds but also tend to provide high returns.
Q23 | ____________ are funds that invest in company debentures, government bonds and other fixed-incomeassets.
Q24 | HDFC Sensex ETF is an example of ____________.
Q25 | Nippon India Pharma fund is an example of ______________.