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This set of E-Commerce Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on E Commerce Set 22

Q1 | A(n) __________ is a private corporate network that uses standard Internet protocolsand interfaces.
Q2 | When measuring the effectiveness on an online advertisement, the __________ is the percentage of visitors to a page who click on an advertisement.
Q3 | RACE is a practical framework to help marketers manage and improve the commercial value gained from digital marketing. The term stands for Reach, Act, C, Engage. What does 'C' refer to?
Q4 | A strength of social media and viral marketing is:
Q5 | In future, some suggest that the task of searching for suppliers and products may be taken over by computer programmes which have defined rules or some degree of intelligence that replicates human neural functioning. These programmes are known as:
Q6 | Security is a serious concern for e-business managers and there are many potential risks concerning unauthorized access to customer and company data. One way this occurs is through misleading users through setting up a bogus website and gaining user details online. What is this method known as?
Q7 | The fastest-growing application for the Internet is
Q8 | The most common method for gaining access to the Internet is through a __________.
Q9 | The term ISP refers to
Q10 | These types of commercial Internet service providers are the most widely used
Q11 | When surfing the Web, the browser interprets the HTML command found in a document file, and displays it as a(n)
Q12 | Which of the following are not required to send and receive e-mail?
Q13 | ______________ includes all electronics-based information exchanges within or between companies and customers.
Q14 | The flip side of e-marketing is:
Q15 | Which of the following describes e‐commerce?
Q16 | Which segments do eBay, Amazon.com belong?
Q17 | Which type of e‐commerce focuses on consumers dealing with each other?