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This set of E-Commerce Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on E Commerce Set 19

Q1 | Which factor ensures the IT systems are functioning correctly andproviding accurate information?
Q2 | Which factor represents how well your system can adapt to increaseddemands?
Q3 | Which factor represents a systems ability to change quickly?
Q4 | What is a set of conditions used to measure how well a product orsystem functions?
Q5 | What determines the future IT infrastructure requirements for newequipment and additional network capacity?
Q6 | What defines all of the steps or business rules, from beginning to end,required for a process to run correctly?
Q7 | Which will not harm computer resources?
Q8 | Which of the following is the primary characteristic of an intranet?
Q9 | Which concept suggests that different applications and computersystems should be able to communicate with one another?
Q10 | Which service encompasses all technologies used to transmit andprocess information on an across a network?
Q11 | Which process can prevent data from losing due to computer problemsor human errors?
Q12 | Which process is used to reinstall data from a copy when the originaldata has been lost?
Q13 | Who breaks into other peoples computer systems and steals anddestroys information?
Q14 | What is software that comes hidden in free downloadable software and tracks your online movements, mines the information stored on your computer, or uses your computers CPU and storage for some task you know nothing about?
Q15 | What is a type of virus that spreads itself, not just from file to file, butfrom computer to computer via e-mail and other Internet traffic?
Q16 | What floods a Web site with so many requests for service that it slowsdown or crashes?
Q17 | What is the process of evaluating IT assets, their importance to the organisation, and their susceptibility to threats, to measure the risk exposure of these assets?
Q18 | The E-commerce domain that involves business activity initiated by the consumer and targeted to businesses is known as:
Q19 | By electronic commerce we mean:
Q20 | E-commerce is
Q21 | Advantages of e-commerce are
Q22 | B2B2C is a model of
Q23 | Mobile commerce is same as
Q24 | The types of Business to Business e-commerce are ................
Q25 | Which of the following is not the example of business to consumer (B to C) e-commerce?