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This set of E-Commerce Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on E Commerce Set 18

Q1 | A business competing in a commodity like environment must focus onwhich of the following?
Q2 | Which of the following refers to creating products tailored to individualcustomers?
Q3 | Materials used in the normal operation of a business but not related toprimary business operations are called what?
Q4 | What is the name given to an interactive business providing a centralisedmarket where many buyers and suppliers can come together for ecommerce or commerce-related activities?
Q5 | Which form of e-marketplace brings together buyers and sellers frommultiple industries, often for MRO materials?
Q6 | Which form of e-marketplace brings together buyers and sellers from thesame industry?
Q7 | Which, if any, of the following types of ads are people most willing totolerate?
Q8 | Which of the following is an Internet-based company that makes it easyfor one person to pay another over the Internet?
Q9 | Which of the following is a method of transferring money from onepersons account to another?
Q10 | An electronic check is one form of what?
Q11 | If you need to transfer money to another person via the internet, which ofthe following methods could you use?
Q12 | Which of the following permits the transmission of a bill, along withpayment of that bill, to be conducted over the Internet?
Q13 | A combination of software and information designed to provide securityand information for payment is called a?
Q14 | What is the name for direct computer-to-computer transfer of transactioninformation contained in standard business documents?
Q15 | Public key encryption uses multiple keys. One key is used to encrypt data, while another is used to decrypt data. The key used to encrypt data is called the _____ key, while the key used to decrypt data is called the _____n key.
Q16 | When a transaction is processed online, how can the merchant verify thecustomers identity?
Q17 | The practice of forging a return address on an e-mail so that the recipientis fooled into revealing private information is termed?
Q18 | What is an internal organisational Internet that is guarded against outside access by a special security feature called a firewall (which can be software, hardware, or a combination of the two)?
Q19 | What is an intranet that is restricted to an organisation and certainoutsiders, such as customers and suppliers?
Q20 | What is a detailed process for recovering information or an IT system inthe event of a catastrophic disaster such as a fire or flood?
Q21 | What is a separate facility that does not have any computer equipmentbut is a place where the knowledge workers can move after the disaster?
Q22 | What is a separate and fully equipped facility where the company canmove immediately after the disaster and resume business?
Q23 | What charts (1) the cost to your organisation of the unavailability ofinformation and technology and (2) the cost to your organisation of recovering from a disaster over time?
Q24 | Which factor determines when the IT system will be available forknowledge workers to access?
Q25 | Which factor determines who has the right to access different types of ITsystems and information?