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This set of E-Commerce Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on E Commerce Set 1

Q1 | Which of the following describes e-commerce?
Q2 | Which of the following is part of the four main types for e-commerce?
Q3 | Which segment do eBay, Amazon.com belong?
Q4 | Which type of e-commerce focuses on consumers dealing with each other?
Q5 | Which segment is eBay an example?
Q6 | Which type deals with auction?
Q7 | In which website Global Easy Buy is facilitated?
Q8 | The best products to sell in B2C e-commerce are:
Q9 | Which products are people most likely to be more uncomfortable buying on the Internet?
Q10 | Which products are people most likely to be comfortable buying on the Internet?
Q11 | Digital products are best suited for B2C e-commerce because they:
Q12 | The solution for all business needs is
Q13 | All of the following are techniques B2C e-commerce companies use to attract customers, except:
Q14 | Which is a function of E-commerce
Q15 | Which is not a function of E-commerce
Q16 | Which term represents a count of the number of people who visit one site, click on an ad, and are taken to the site of the advertiser?
Q17 | What is the percentage of customers who visit a Web site and actually buy something called?
Q18 | What are materials used in production in a manufacturing company or are placed on the shelf for sale in a retail environment?
Q19 | What are materials that are necessary for running a modern corporation, but do not relate to the company's primary business activities?
Q20 | What are ballpoint pens purchased by a clothing company?
Q21 | What is another name for?
Q22 | What is the process in which a buyer posts its interest in buying a certain quantity of items, and sellers compete for the business by submitting successively lower bids until there is only one seller left?
Q23 | What are plastic cards the size of a credit card that contains an embedded chip on which digital information can be stored?
Q24 | Most individuals are familiar with which form of e-commerce?
Q25 | Which form of e-commerce currently accounts for about 97% of all e-commerce revenues?