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This set of Unix Operating System Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Unix Operating System Set 2

Q1 | The command cal j 1997 would give the output as
Q2 | The output of command banner “Unix shell programming” would be
Q3 | To see the last access time of various files in a file system the command is
Q4 | To ascertain what are the contents of the file in your the system the best way would be
Q5 | Which of these is not a command of Unix related with DOS
Q6 | Which of following commands do not belong to multiple file editing commands
Q7 | The difference between the commands ps –e and ps –a is
Q8 | The father of all processes is
Q9 | The process id numbers of the processes vhand,bdflush,sched and init are
Q10 | Which of the following is not true regarding the command $ nohup cat *.let | nohup sort >f1 &
Q11 | Which of the following is not true regards the kill command
Q12 | Which of the following is not true
Q13 | For a person to receive messages he should have his terminal set to a parameter which will allow him receive messages.The command to set this parameter is
Q14 | If the user has read a news item he cannot read it again because of creation of the file
Q15 | To read the stale news the option available is
Q16 | The message of the day is stored in a file called
Q17 | The incoming mail of user with the login name aa12 is stored in the file
Q18 | .mailrc is the file
Q19 | The escape sequence \033[4m is used to
Q20 | Which of the following assignments is illegal
Q21 | Which of the following assignment is illegal
Q22 | A null variable a can be created using
Q23 | The shell metacharacter $# represents
Q24 | When we are executing a shell script the shell acts as