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This set of Web Fundamental Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Web Fundamental Set 2

Q1 | In HTML document the tags
Q2 | Marquee is a tag in HTML to
Q3 | There are ____ different of heading tags in HTML
Q4 | To create a blank line in your web page
Q5 | Which of the following is not a style tag?
Q6 | The way the browser displays the object can be modified by _____
Q7 | Which of the following HTML code is valid?
Q8 | Which of the following is an attribute related to font tag?
Q9 | HTML supports
Q10 | What tag is used to list individual items of an ordered list?
Q11 | When should you use path along with file name of picture in IMG tag?
Q12 | Which of the following is not a valid alignment attribute?
Q13 | Which attribute is used withimg tag to display the text if image could not load in browser?
Q14 | Which attribute can be used with BODY tag to set background color green?
Q15 | Which attribute you’ll use with TD tag to merge two cells horizontally?
Q16 | Awebpage displays a picture. What tag was used to display that picture?
Q17 | What is the correct HTML for making a hyperlink?
Q18 | Which attribute is used to name an element uniquely?
Q19 | What is the full form of HTML?
Q20 | What is the full form of HTTP?
Q21 | What is a search engine?
Q22 | What is the full form of TCP/IP?
Q23 | HTML document start and end with which tag pairs?
Q24 | Which tag is used to create body text in HTML?