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This set of Travel and Tourism Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Travel And Tourism Set 3

Q1 | Which is the worlds top tourism destination according to international tourism receipts
Q2 | Which is the worlds top tourism destination according to international tourist arrivals.
Q3 | vienna is located in--------------
Q4 | WTTC is established in --------------
Q5 | PATA was founded in ---------------
Q6 | The OECD was founded in --------------
Q7 | IOTO was established in theyear
Q8 | IOTO is head quarted at-----------
Q9 | FHRAI was formed in -------------
Q10 | IATO was founded in ---------------
Q11 | The national on tourism was established by ----------
Q12 | National committee on tourism was established in -------------
Q13 | The first tourism policy was implemented in --------------
Q14 | A person who moves from one location to another is known as -------------
Q15 | the measurement of attitude through the use of questions is known as -----------
Q16 | The restaurants that focus an gourmet-style cuisine and operate an the lives of theEuropean tradition is known as -------------
Q17 | The restaurants which can be formal or Informal, with a well disciplined menu is known as ------------
Q18 | Which type of restaurants centered on a particular theme related arisins
Q19 | Which restaurants features consistent level of quality where the food and otherservices are concerned
Q20 | #NAME?
Q21 | A fast casual restaurants is similar to --------------
Q22 | Independently operated mid-price restaurants are known as --------
Q23 | Which of the following is not a scenic tourist attraction
Q24 | which of the following is a cultural tourist attraction
Q25 | which of the following is not a traditional turist attraction