Principles Of Insurance Set 4

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This set of Principles of Insurance Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Principles Of Insurance Set 4

Q1 | Occupation is important for risk classification because of:
Q2 | A complete proposal form contains the information about
Q3 | Valuation in life insurance means
Q4 | Endorsement can be used in a policy giving effect to
Q5 | Fire Insurance is based on the principle of ?
Q6 | Which is the consequential loss in the fire insurance?
Q7 | Fire insurance is a personal contract because
Q8 | Which of the statements is correct? Under a fire policy A. Insurance is a transfer of risk mechanism. B. Insurance gives physical protection to assets.
Q9 | Which of the following is an accidental loss by fire?
Q10 | The major law governing marine insurance in India is
Q11 | Can a marine policy be assigned?
Q12 | Constructive total loss in marine insurance means
Q13 | Group insurance is ideally suited for covering
Q14 | Unemployment insurance is a component of
Q15 | Which is the right time for taking life insurance?
Q16 | Which type of insurance protects the policyholder against loss or damage to a ship or its cargo on the high seas?
Q17 | Which of the following is not covered under General Insurance?
Q18 | Which principle suggests that insured should try to minimize the loss of his property even if it is insured?
Q19 | Group insurance is ideally suited for covering
Q20 | Fire insurance can be taken in respect of __________
Q21 | All of the following can be classified as casualty insurance Except____________.