Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 7

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This set of Human Resource Management (HRM) big collection Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 7

Q1 | Grouping of jobs on basis of skills andphysical efforts is called
Q2 | Loyalty awards given to employees, forcompleting several years is an example of
Q3 | Exit Policy primarily emphasises in the broad sense, for policy makers as
Q4 | A broad statement of the purpose, scope, duties and responsibilities of a particular job is
Q5 | Validity of structured interviews is
Q6 | Ten ‘C’ model of HRM architect was advanced by
Q7 | An enquiry that is conducted afresh because of the objections raised by allegedemployee is called
Q8 | Stage, in career management that spansroughly between 24 to 44 and heart of people’s career is
Q9 | Competitive strategy is for
Q10 | Use of data, facts, analytics and evaluatedresearch for making decision is
Q11 | People who are often executives of chamber of commerce, are classified in personality type of
Q12 | In a career development, establishing career plans is a/an
Q13 | Which of the following labour legislations in USA made unions more powerfulthan management?
Q14 | The interview in which pressure is deliberately put on the applicant is known as
Q15 | Model for organizational is introduced by
Q16 | Creating an environment that facilitates a continuous and. Two-way exchange of information between the superiors and the subordinates is the core of
Q17 | Human resource managers generally exert within the human resources department and outside the human resources department.
Q18 | In a career development focus, additionof development plans is a part of
Q19 | In surveying market, a way to know whatothers are paying, known as
Q20 | The number of subordinates a superiorcan effectively handle is called
Q21 | The measures the rate at which employees leave the company.
Q22 | In career development focus, an individual development plan is part of
Q23 | The term procurement stands for
Q24 | The other name of Sensitivity Training is
Q25 | People who choose medical profession isan example of