Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 61

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This set of Human Resource Management (HRM) big collection Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 61

Q1 | Arrange the following staffing procedure in the correct sequencei) Determining sources of personnel supplyii) Preparing personnel specificationsiii) Selection of personneliv) Determining Personnel Characteristics
Q2 | Which of the following is not a contributory factor for HR outsourcing?
Q3 | Benefits paid for time not worked are also called
Q4 | Which of the following are covered under the scope of Human Resource Management:i) Forecasting Human Resource Needii) Replacement Planningiii) Human Resource Dynamicsiv) Human Resource Development Planningv) Human Resource Audit
Q5 | Low cost foreign competition, classified as
Q6 | The process of comparing work and service methods against the best practices and outcomes in industry is known as
Q7 | Assertion (A).A Manager delegates authority. Reason (R). The Manager want to shirk his responsibility.
Q8 | The five basic features of Scanlon plan of incentive payment are
Q9 | Advantage of ‘BARS’ system is
Q10 | Combination of salary and commission is part of
Q11 | The advantage of external recruiting is that
Q12 | What affective activities are required to make people attracted towards occupations?
Q13 | ‘self-designing organizations’ is an example of
Q14 | Who has given the ‘expectancy theory’of Motivation?
Q15 | During which of the following stage, the firm identifies and confirms the overall business direction
Q16 | First step in retirement management is to conduct
Q17 | A company can create ‘superiorsubordinate’ relationship through
Q18 | Premature evaluation is a type of
Q19 | Rates are placed in percentages in performance categories is followed in
Q20 | The Concepts of Wages like Minimum Wage, Fair Wage and Living Wages were given by
Q21 | AB Corp streamlined its annual benefits package enrollments by digitizing and aggregating the former paper benefits reports, electronic spreadsheets, and benefit summaries and providing the materials at a single location on the company intranet. AB Corp is using a(n)
Q22 | Method in which teams consisting managers compete on solving problems iscalled
Q23 | ‘Team building’ is an example of
Q24 | Which of the following is not a path in grapevine chain?
Q25 | is the personnel activity by means of which the enterprise determines the extent to which the employee is performing the job effectively.