Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 37

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This set of Human Resource Management (HRM) big collection Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 37

Q1 | A job analyst’s task is to
Q2 | Which of the following is not a feature of systems approach?
Q3 | Labour productivity means
Q4 | ‘Leisure time counseling’ is an example of
Q5 | Portion of increased salary paid to employee for an individual performance is called
Q6 | Structured interview is also called
Q7 | Porter and Lawler model is related to
Q8 | Salary surveys are used for monitoring and maintaining
Q9 | Types of third party negotiation, knownas arbitration, includes
Q10 | “Labour is not a commodity” - is the assertion made by
Q11 | Solving and implementing solutions in empowering employees to review problems can, best classified as
Q12 | The performance of human resource departments is evaluated based on
Q13 | “Quality Circles in India”, the first book incorporating the process to be adopted in developing, implementing and sustaining quality circles, was authored by
Q14 | A test which measure, what it is intended to measure is
Q15 | Position a person has over many years inany occupation is called
Q16 | Which of the following components is not true as a part of unemployment definition?
Q17 | Which is the Human Relation Policy?
Q18 | In career development, providing support in developing career is part of
Q19 | Which of the following act deals with recruitment and selection?
Q20 | The problem of industrial discipline was debated by the Indian Labour Conference (ILC) held in India in
Q21 | The first Factory Legislation in India was enacted in
Q22 | set guidelines regarding safety practices at work.
Q23 | ‘incentives’ given to employees are a part of
Q24 | Which of the following department of an Organisation performs the managerial function of matching Organisational needs with the skills& abilities of the employees?
Q25 | Disadvantage of ‘forced distribution method’ is