Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 20

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This set of Human Resource Management (HRM) big collection Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 20

Q1 | The best medium to reach a ’large audience for the process of recruitment is
Q2 | The business side of the process begins with the strategic as the guiding framework.
Q3 | Basic difference between piecework andstandard hour plan is of
Q4 | In Lewin organization change process, introduction of new attitudes and behaviorsis included in
Q5 | Employees join union when they
Q6 | Crucial functions for company’s survivalis managed by
Q7 | Document that consists of all ethical standards that employer expects from employees is classified as
Q8 | ‘Microsoft’ pays new programmers for learning Windows particulars, classified as
Q9 | Compensations and reward packages are designed for employees, must help company to achieve its
Q10 | Which of the following is the meaning of ‘Golden handshake’?
Q11 | The sequence of human resource development activities according to Leonard Nadler are
Q12 | HRD systems include
Q13 | Which is not a Training Method?
Q14 | The number of people hired for a particular job compared to the number of individuals in the applicant pool is often expressed as
Q15 | The concept of HRD scorecard was introduced in India by
Q16 | A system of industrial relations where social and labour issues are discussed between trade unions and management at enterprise level is:
Q17 | Which of the following is not a type of wage differentials?
Q18 | Techniques which allow employer forflexible labor stance is
Q19 | Which of the following is not a regulative type of labour legislation?
Q20 | Which of the following aptly describes the role of line managers and staff advisors namely HR professionals?
Q21 | Score that measures how much business goals are achieved by ‘HRD’ efforts is
Q22 | Which of the following human resource practices can be useful in reducing workers’ compensation cost per employee?
Q23 | Read the following statements on HRD need analysis. Identify the one which is not true:
Q24 | ‘HCM’ talent management system includes
Q25 | A problem occurs when supervisor might rate all employees ‘high’ or ‘low’ is called