Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 15

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This set of Human Resource Management (HRM) big collection Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Human Resource Management Hrm Big Collection Set 15

Q1 | Stage when a person seriously explores occupational alternatives is called
Q2 | Employees ‘career hazards’ are dealt in
Q3 | Re-designing a business process, in getting more efficient and effective results, known as
Q4 | In traditional focus, ratings or rewards are part of
Q5 | Employee’s general belief that their organisation values their contribution and cares about their well - being is called
Q6 | Work design is an example of
Q7 | Personal qualities and traits required for job is stated in
Q8 | Strategic thinking is a process.
Q9 | The critical role of the SHRM Application Tool is to: ?
Q10 | Which of the following force makes an individual eligible to make decisions, give orders& directing work activities of others?
Q11 | Through test measuring for Checking what we intended to know, is
Q12 | Which of the following bargaining is based on workers’ contribution to productivity?
Q13 | Disadvantage of ‘BARS’ appraisal system is
Q14 | Induction is viewed as
Q15 | ’corporate strategy’ includes
Q16 | The industrial Disputes Act 1947 provides the following industrial relations machinery for resolution of conflicts except
Q17 | In which company ‘Six Sigma’ was firstexperimented?
Q18 | Which of these activities are not includedin the scope of human resource management?
Q19 | HR managers play vital role in ?
Q20 | ‘rate of return on investment’ is classified as
Q21 | Performance management includes
Q22 | Who had advocated the systems approach model?
Q23 | The principle of organisation that no employee should report to more than one superior is called
Q24 | A Business Organization deals with product/service and has relationship with stakeholder which is being considered a part of ‘management discipline’ is known as
Q25 | Management Functions of Personnel Management includes