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This set of Basics of Economics Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Basics Of Economics Set 6

Q1 | In the Classical system, the role of the government is:
Q2 | Equilibrium in the economy is settled by ---------, according to theClassicals.
Q3 | Self interest, competition, profit motive are the features of:
Q4 | The Great Depression was during:
Q5 | The equilibrium price is determined by the forces of:
Q6 | Temporary unemployment is -------------, according to the Classicaleconomists:
Q7 | J.B. Say was a ---------------Economist.
Q8 | Pick the odd one out:
Q9 | Author of the book ‘The General Theory of Employment, Interest andMoney’:
Q10 | ‘The General Theory’, was published in :
Q11 | The branch of Economics that deals with economic aggregate is called:
Q12 | The central theme of Keynesian Theory is:
Q13 | Who repudiated Say’s law of market?
Q14 | Effective demand is that demand when:
Q15 | The concept of effective demand is associated with the name of:
Q16 | The proportion between total income and total consumption is called:
Q17 | The proportion between incremental income and incrementalconsumption is called:
Q18 | The proportion between total income and total saving is called:
Q19 | 1- MPC is called:
Q20 | APC + APS is equal to:
Q21 | Multiplier is obtained by:
Q22 | Exports minus imports is termed as:
Q23 | As income increases consumption also increases, but:
Q24 | The expected return on investment is called:
Q25 | Marginal efficiency of investment curve is: