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This set of Current Trends and Cases in HRM Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Current Trends And Cases In Hrm Set 4

Q1 | HR strategies that fit a company’s focus strategy would be:
Q2 | Firms that display a defender strategy generally:
Q3 | Firmsthat are high on uncertainty or that operate in volatile environments wouldbenefit most from HR strategies that involve:
Q4 | Firms that are low on uncertainty and change and that operate in stable environmentswould benefit most from HR strategies that involve:
Q5 | A firm considering the volatility of its product market, the degree of change that its product is experiencing over the passing of time, and the number of competitors with which it is competing is probably examining its HR strategy’s:
Q6 | An organization’s “personality” consists of five characteristics, which include:
Q7 | Thurmont’s steel mill is considering a new HR strategy. Which of the following couldbe considered an important element of the basic strategy?
Q8 | Stacey notes that her firm is risk averse, operates with a flexible, delegating management style, and is outwardly focused. Stacey’s observations describe which organizational characteristic of a company?
Q9 | A firm that encourages an entrepreneurial climate may do which of the following:
Q10 | Mona is interested in buying a new computer. She has heard that Shell processors are on the low end of the cost spectrum and that the company offers an excellent warranty. Mona is focused on the firm’s:
Q11 | The role of HR is to:
Q12 | A company can take a number of steps to foster an effective relationship between managers and HR, such as:
Q13 | An HR department needs to develop several competencies in order to become a full strategic partner, such as:
Q14 | Carson is gathering information for an HR audit. Which of the following areas should he be concerned with?
Q15 | The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) offers which of the following to the HR field?
Q16 | Refer to Case 1.1. The change in the workforce at Caplin is an example of theenvironmental challenge of:
Q17 | Refer to Case 1.1. Caplin’s discussion of costs, quality, and capabilities shows that they are trying to address:
Q18 | Refer to Case 1.1. The discussion about people’s work habits represents the organizational challenge for HR of:
Q19 | Refer to Case 1.1. The closing discussion about supporting the literacy program is an example of a company grappling with:
Q20 | Refer to Case 1.2. One clear benefit of this strategic planning session is:
Q21 | Refer to Case 1.2. The HR strategies suggested are examples of one way to addressthe strategic HR planning challenge of:
Q22 | Refer to Case 1.2. If this firm chooses to also address its employee relations, itshould:
Q23 | Refer to Case 1.2. The HR strategies suggested are examples of:
Q24 | Refer to Case 1.2. The HR strategies suggested are examples of the strategic HRchoice in the area of:
Q25 | Refer to Case 1.3. Which of the following HR strategies would support the company’s business strategy?