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This set of Organisational Behaviour Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Organisational Behaviour Set 9

Q1 | Some people think that what happens to them is a result of fate, chance, luck etc. this is
Q2 | ……..is the tendency of individual, which directs them to be inward and process ideas andthought within themselves
Q3 | ………..persons are likely to be most successful in the field of advertisement, sales department,public relation etc
Q4 | ………..persons are likely to be most successful in the field of research and work based onabstract idea.
Q5 | #NAME?
Q6 | The extent to which individual believes in importance of power, status difference in organization
Q7 | #NAME?
Q8 | #NAME?
Q9 | #NAME?
Q10 | #NAME?
Q11 | #NAME?
Q12 | #NAME?
Q13 | Maslow’s “basic needs” are also known as
Q14 | In Maslow’s Need hierarchy which needs are shown between Esteem needs and Safety needs
Q15 | ERG theory of motivation was proposed by
Q16 | Dual structure approach of motivation is developed by
Q17 | Under Herzberg’s theory, factors causing dissatisfaction is called
Q18 | Hygiene factors are
Q19 | Who propounded X and Y theory of motivation
Q20 | #NAME?
Q21 | According to ----------employees love work as play or rest
Q22 | Z theory is a Japanese approach of motivation developed by
Q23 | According to ---------- the managers and workers should work together as partners and of equalimportance for the organizations success
Q24 | Which one is not a Need Based Theory of motivation?
Q25 | Which one is not a Process Based Theory of motivation?