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This set of Organisational Behaviour Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Organisational Behaviour Set 2

Q1 | When a group gives some of its leadership positions to the members of other group, it is
Q2 | #NAME?
Q3 | ___ is the science or study of individual human behaviour.
Q4 | ___ is the study of the human race and culture.
Q5 | The model(s) of Organizational Behavior is (are):
Q6 | )_____________ embodies a team concept, is based on theprinciple of mutual contribution by employer and employees
Q7 | .Forces affecting organizational behavior are
Q8 | In present context, challenges for OB are
Q9 | Organisational behavior is
Q10 | The study of organization behavior has certain basicassumptions. They are
Q11 | Which of the following frameworks is used in the developmentof the overall model of OB?
Q12 | Organisational behavior is a field of study backed by a body ofassociated with growing concern for people at workplace
Q13 | The field of organizational behavior examines such questionsas the nature of leadership, effective team development, and
Q14 | The feild of organizational behavior is primarily concerned with
Q15 | Which of the following forms the basis for the autocratic modelof OB
Q16 | s the science or study of individual human behavior.
Q17 | The study of Organizational Behavior is categorized into Micro and Macro OB:) Micro OBdeals with ___ and ___.
Q18 | ___ is the study of the human race and culture.
Q19 | explains learning of reflex behavior.
Q20 | Social learning is an extension of
Q21 | ."______________ are social inventions for accomplishing goals through group effortManagement
Q22 | everyone who is faced with a similar situation responds in the same way, attributiontheory states that the behavior shows ______________
Q23 | Which of the following OB topics is not central to managing employees' fears aboutterrorism?
Q24 | Basis of "Collegial Model of OB is
Q25 | _____________ leader is self confident and can attract followers by his great influence