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This set of Organisational Behaviour Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Conflict in Organisation

Q1 | The conflict gamer reacts to conflict by:Sol:
Q2 | The form of negotiation in which the negotiation is facilitated by a neutral third party is:Sol:
Q3 | In dual concern model the style which represents a low level of concern for both self andother known as__________.
Q4 | When one disputant is forced to litigation then __________style is not possible.Sol:
Q5 | An accurate estimate of BATNA:Sol:
Q6 | Impressions formed about people that are based upon fitting the person into variouscategories are a type of impression called:
Q7 | The mental processes which are used unconsciously to reinforce stereotypes include all ofthe following except:Sol:
Q8 | When we try to associate with the information previously assumed even if we getinformation about a certain phenomenon, we tend to___________ in process of stereotype.
Q9 | Extending a pre assumed perception and confirming it with small piece of information iswhich type of mental process of stereotyping?
Q10 | _____________ processing is more accurate, but ________ processing is fasterand easier.Sol:
Q11 | The mediator’s primary function is to promote effective negotiation in:Sol:
Q12 | mediation:Sol:
Q13 | An advantage of “evaluative” mediation is that it:
Q14 | ) “To facilitate Collaborating/Integrating negotiation between the disputants” is the goalof which type of mediation?
Q15 | Which of the following types of mediation has narrow and evaluative focus?Sol:
Q16 | )In which sort of mediation are due process problems the most likely to occur?Sol:
Q17 | According to Tuchman (1965), which of the following is NOT a stage of the life cycle of agroup?
Q18 | The phenomenon whereby an individual in a group will tend to end up agreeing with astrong majority opinion in spite of their own judgement is known as
Q19 | The idea that the degree to which you will be influenced by the opinion of another groupmember will depend on how much you identify with that person is known as
Q20 | Which of the following is NOT suggested as an explanation for poor group motivation?
Q21 | The tendency whereby a group reaches a decision by trying to minimize conflict,neglecting to critically test and evaluate ideas, is termed
Q22 | The process whereby the presence of others is suggested to lead to individuals losing theirsense of personal identity is termed
Q23 | The tendency whereby groups make decisions that are more extreme than the individuals’opinions within the group is termed
Q24 | Steiner (1972) called losses in group productivity due to poor coordination
Q25 | Which of the following did Wilfred Bion (1961) NOT observe as a quality that was likely tobe present in a group with ‘good group spirit’?