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This set of Management Accounting Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Management Accounting Set 9

Q1 | Setting the company's profit targets for the upcoming year is an example of the management function of
Q2 | The planning process includes
Q3 | Management accounting is concerned with which kind of decision?
Q4 | Management accounting:
Q5 | Management accounting is primarily concerned with:
Q6 | Vertical analysis is made to review and analyze the financial statements of -----------------accounting period.
Q7 | Comparison of financial variables of a firm over a period of time is known as--------------
Q8 | Interpretation requires analysis and ----------------------------------
Q9 | The process of deriving conclusions from the analysis is commonly termed as ----------------
Q10 | Common size Income Statement present the various items as a percentage of ----------------
Q11 | External analysis is based on ------------- financial statements
Q12 | Financial Statements provide a summary of --------------------------
Q13 | When financial statements for a number of years are reviewed and analyzed, the analysis is known as ---------------------
Q14 | When ratios are calculated from the financial statements of one year, it is known as ---------------------
Q15 | Horizontal analysis is also known as -----------------------
Q16 | Trend analysis is significant for
Q17 | In trend percentage the base year is ----------------------------
Q18 | Comparative statements are a form of ---------------------------
Q19 | The term financial analysis include both --------- and interpretation
Q20 | Vertical analysis is also known as ------------------
Q21 | The statement prepared to disclose accounting information are known as-----
Q22 | #NAME?
Q23 | #NAME?
Q24 | #NAME?
Q25 | Under ------------------------ each item of expenses taken as a percentage on net sales