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This set of Management Accounting Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Management Accounting Set 7

Q1 | Which of the following matter is relevant with cash receipts and disbursement method ofpreparing Cash Budget ?
Q2 | Budget period depends upon -
Q3 | Usually the production budget is stated in terms of -
Q4 | Recording of actual performance is -
Q5 | Budgetary control system helps the management to eliminate -
Q6 | Budgetary control facilitates easy introduction of the -
Q7 | Budgetary control system acts as a friend, philosopher and guide to the -
Q8 | Budgetary control system defines the objectives and policies of the -
Q9 | A budget is tool which helps the management in planning and control of -
Q10 | In responsibility centre, the output is called as -
Q11 | If the responsibility centre gets more revenue from output, then it is called -
Q12 | Cost Unit is defined as -
Q13 | Fixed cost is a cost -
Q14 | Uncontrollable costs are the costs which be influenced by the action of a specified member of an undertaking. -
Q15 | Element/s of Cost of a product are -
Q16 | Overhead refers to -
Q17 | Which of the following is not a method of cost absorption?
Q18 | A Local Authority is preparing cash Budget for its refuse disposal department. Which ofthe following items would not be included in the cash budget?
Q19 | Which of the following characteristics does NOT pertain to management accounting?
Q20 | A budget which is prepared in a manner so as to give the budgeted cost for any level ofactivity is known as -
Q21 | ___________ is a summary of all functional budgets in a capsule form.
Q22 | When the sales increase from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 60,000 and profit increases by Rs. 5,000,the P/V ratio is -
Q23 | From following which is not a principle of good reporting ?
Q24 | From day to day operation which report is prepare ?
Q25 | Any special event happen into the business then which report is prepared ?