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This set of Management Accounting Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Management Accounting Set 6

Q1 | The subdivision of responsibility centre is -
Q2 | The accounting department in an organization is -
Q3 | What is the main advantage of responsibility accounting ?
Q4 | The responsibility accounting is a system by which the responsibility is assigned to theconcerned persons -
Q5 | The contribution of accounting department in an organization -
Q6 | According to responsibility accounting, the entire organization is divided into various -
Q7 | It may not be ______ to measure exactly the output of service departments in anorganization.
Q8 | Internal transfer of process at profit _________ of the company.
Q9 | The success of budgetary control system depends upon the willing cooperation of ….…
Q10 | A key factor is one which restricts ……
Q11 | The classification of fixed and variable cost is useful for the preparation of ……
Q12 | In ‘make or buy’ decision, it is profitable to buy from outside only when the supplier’sprice is below the firm’s own ___________.
Q13 | __________ is a detailed budget of cash receipts and cash expenditure incorporatingboth revenue and capital items.
Q14 | Sunk costs are __________.
Q15 | Abnormal cost is the cost ___________.
Q16 | Responsibility Centre can be categorised into ___________.
Q17 | A profit centre is a centre ___________.
Q18 | Management Accounting is and financial accounting differ in that managementaccounting information is prepared –
Q19 | Purpose of Management Accounting is to –
Q20 | Management Accounting is the branch of accounting concerned with reporting to –
Q21 | Which of the following does NOT describe management accounting?
Q22 | Management accounting reports are prepared
Q23 | Management accounting is primarily concerned with -
Q24 | Which matters are taken into consideration while preparing production budget ?
Q25 | Which of the following matter is to be taken into account which preparing MaterialPurchase Budget ?