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This set of Management Accounting Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Management Accounting Set 4

Q1 | Quick assets do not include I)Prepaid Expense II)Advance Tax III)Marketable securities IV)Inventory
Q2 | If debt equity ratio exceeds ,it indicates risky position.
Q3 | Which of these is false?
Q4 | If average T/R are 1,00,000 ,Closing T/R are 3 times that of opening T/R .What is Closing T/R?
Q5 | A firm that issues stocks and bonds to raise funds results in in cashflow.
Q6 | Which are not Investing activity? I)Receipts from sale of fixed asset II)Interest received III)Dividend paid IV)Cash Payment to acquire share of other Companies
Q7 | Which of the following is not the objective of budgetary control? I)Control II)Danger of rigidity III)Motivation IV)Based on estimates
Q8 | Which statement is true.I)Fixed budget assumes Changing business conditions. II)Flexible budget is prepared for only one level of activity.
Q9 | The wages due from Mar 20 ,Apr 20 and May 20 are Rs8000,Rs9000 and Rs 10,000 respectively.There is delay in payment of wages of 2 months.What will be the wages paid in May 20 in the Cash Budget.
Q10 | Which of the following is/are the responsibilty centres.I)Cost centre II)Investment Centre III)Profit center IV)Revenue Centre
Q11 | Labour Efficiency Variance is the sum total of I)Labour Mix variance II)Labour Cost Variance III)Idle time Variance IV)Labour yield variance
Q12 | Total Actual material is 1250 Kg.The Standard qty of Material A=800Kg and B=400Kg.What is the revised Std qty of A and B respectively.
Q13 | SH=800 Hours,AR=Rs 7 ,SR=6,AH=750 Hours.Calculate labour rate variance(LRV).
Q14 | Yr 2019 :sales 1,20,000 and Profit8,000 ;Yr 2020:Sales 1,40,000 an profit 13,000.Calculate P/v ratio.
Q15 | Calculate Break Even Point in units if Fixed cost is 15,000,SP=15 and VC=12
Q16 | Actual Sales=40,000 and Break Even Point =25,000.Calculate Margin of safety(MOS).
Q17 | What are the sales required to earn a profit of 12,000 if Fixed cost are 22,000 and P/V ratio is 25%.
Q18 | Actual Sales=80,000,P/V ratio=20% and Fixed cost=10,000.Calculate Profit.
Q19 | The cost that tends to remain constant irrespective of the level of activity is called_______.
Q20 | Cost Accounting restrict itself with _______ transactions.
Q21 | Following is (are) the method(s) of measuring labour turnover.
Q22 | Following is (are) the example(s) of semi-variable overheads.
Q23 | _________ indicates the financial status of the business at given period.
Q24 | In Cash budget, Non operating cash inflow include(s)
Q25 | Sales Budget is a forecast expressed in -