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This set of Management Accounting Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Management Accounting Set 16

Q1 | For preparing an effective budget it needs accounting information which is
Q2 | Long period budgets are prepared under
Q3 | A budget specifies the operations to be performed during the next year is called __________
Q4 | The branch of accounting which primarily deals with processing and presenting accounting data fro internal use is ________________
Q5 | The term management accounting was used in
Q6 | Management accounting is also known as _______________
Q7 | Which of the following is not a technique of management accounting
Q8 | Management accounting is helpful in increasing _______________
Q9 | Management accounting has a ___________ scope than cost accounting
Q10 | Management accounting helps in ___________ data
Q11 | Management accounting provides alternative choices for managerial ___________
Q12 | Publication of management accounting statements are ______________
Q13 | Management accounting deals only with that information which is useful to the ___________
Q14 | The prime function of management accounting is to -------------------------------
Q15 | Management accounting relates to ________
Q16 | Management accounting analyses accounting data with the help of -------------------------
Q17 | Management accounting and cost accounting functions are --------------------------
Q18 | Management accounting provides valuable services to management in performing ____
Q19 | Management accounting and financial accounting differ in that management accountinginformation is prepared
Q20 | Management accounting is the branch of accounting concerned with reporting to
Q21 | The use of management accounting is
Q22 | The management accounting can be stated an extension of A) Cost Accounting B) Financial Accounting C) Responsibility Accounting
Q23 | Which of the following is true about management accounting? A) Management accounting is associated with presentation of accounting data. B) Management accounting is extremely sensitive to investors needs.
Q24 | Which of the following are tools of management accounting?A) Decision accountingB) Standard costingC) Budgetary controlD) Human Resources Accounting
Q25 | Management accounting is related withA) The problem of choice makingB) Recording of transactionsC) Cause and effect relationships