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This set of Management Accounting Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on Management Accounting Set 14

Q1 | Which of the following is a non-current liability
Q2 | Current liabilities are equals to-------------------------------
Q3 | Inflow of fund does not take place due to----------------
Q4 | Increase in working capital is-----------------------
Q5 | Salaries Rs.20000,depreciation for the period is Rs.30000 other operating expenses are Rs.9000, net loss for the period is Rs.5000 fund generated from operation is------------------
Q6 | Stock at the end results in-----------------------
Q7 | Depreciation is a source of fund-------------------
Q8 | Stock in the beginning results in-----------
Q9 | Which of the following does not affect the fund flow statement
Q10 | Which of the following does not affect working capital---------
Q11 | Proposed dividend is a--------
Q12 | Cash flow statement is prepared by taking the ------------- balance of cash
Q13 | Decrease in a creditor is a---------------- of cash
Q14 | Goodwill written off is-----------to the net profit made during the year for calculating the cash from operation
Q15 | Provision for tax is shown as a part of-----------activity
Q16 | Purchase of fixed asset is classified as------activity
Q17 | Purchase of building by issue of debenture is a---------item and it is ignored in cash flow statement
Q18 | Cash flow statement is based on past records, so it is---------in nature
Q19 | Cash equivalent are usually of short term but highly -----------------investments
Q20 | Cash flow statements (based on AS-3) should be prepared and presented under------------------method.
Q21 | Income tax paid should be shown separately as the cash flows from----------- activities.
Q22 | Buy back of shares is shown under-----------------------
Q23 | Increase in prepaid expenses--------------------cash
Q24 | Dividend paid are classified under-------------------activities
Q25 | Cash payment suppliers of goods and services are shown under-------------.